short term tasks


hopefully sometime if time permits
  • Mabox with LXDE ?
  • improve DeskGrid, DeskMngr and make them distro independent
  • rewrite all Mabox Jgmenu based tools, make them distro independent (Menu, Sidepanels, all tools and most of pipemenus)



  • A menu to set and configure Wallpaper (random, slideshow mode, and choose helper) and ScreenLocker (5 effects, cache wallpaper image) – WAw
  • Most of pipemenus now can be run standalone: for example menu/panels settings WAm and conky conf menu WAk


  • mb-reset now have compare mode – much easier and safe for users to pick new features on old Mabox installations
  • conky_toggle WAc – kill/start all conkys from sessionfile – based on idea and code from piquet
  • mbhelper WF1 – something like command palette – search-and-run: list of keyboard shortcuts, important configuration tools, files and so on.