What’s new in Mabox 21.06 Geralt

Mabox Linux 21.06 codename Geralt is ready to download. Iso images are available for download from: repo.maboxlinux.org or from SourceForge mirrors. Lets see what’s new in Mabox 21.06 Geralt.

How to acces all new Mabox features?

Mabox is a rolling-release distribution and as such is updated frequently, this also applies to new Mabox-specific functionalities. Most of them are automatically available right after the update, but some of them require user intervention. In this article, you will learn how to easily access all the new features in Mabox.

Windows tiling in Mabox

OpenBox is a stacking window manager, but in Mabox it is set up to make window tiling little easier. In this post, we will look at the options available by default that will make working with Mabox more enjoyable and effective.

mb-reset – config restore/update helper script

Mabox provides a simple helper script that can be helpful in some uncomfortable situations. mb-reset may be useful when: – you made a fatal mistake editing an important configuration file (rc.xml, autostart) and your system is not working as it should – you are using the Mabox version installed long ago and you want to …

Configuring the tint2 panel in Mabox

Tint2 is a simple panel/taskbar made for OpenBox and other window managers. Tint2 is lightweight, very configurable and have powerfull GUI configurator – tint2conf. In this article we will look how to configure basic tint2 options in Mabox: position, width, autohide, adding launchers to panel and so on.

Mabox themes

Creating a nice looking desktop in OpenBox WM is not an easy thing. There are a few bricks you need to include to create a nice and good looking desktop. GTK theme, OpenBox window decorations, matching wallpaper are the absolute minimum. It would also be worth adding the matching Conky and panel decor. Mabox provides …

Drop-down or actually show-hide terminal

A drop-down terminal can be very handy sometimes. In Mabox, the default terminal emulator is Terminator, which does not have such functionality. So I added a little wrapper – mabox-terminal – which is binded to the super-Grave key combination. It’s not actually a drop-down terminal, it’s more of a show-hide.

What’s new in Mabox 20.10 Eithné

New release Mabox Linux 20.10 Eithné is just around the corner:) is ready to download. Download at: SourceForge or here. Here is detailed but probably uncomplete list of changes. Full Spanish translation Mabox is now fully translated to Spanish, thanks to @ben_chile. All Mabox specific tools like Mabox Control Center, Welcome Screen, Conky/Tint2 Manager, Menu/Sidepanels …