How to access all new Mabox features?

Mabox is a rolling-release distribution and as such is updated frequently, this also applies to new Mabox-specific functionalities. Most of them are automatically available right after the update, but some of them require user intervention. In this article, you will learn how to easily access all the new features in Mabox.

Some of the new Mabox functions require changes to user configuration files in order to work. The changes usually concern the configuration of the window manager, keyboard shortcuts, actions assigned to mouse / keyboard events (rc.xml), less frequently autostart or configuration of environment variables (autostart, .bashrc).

With such situations in mind, the mb-reset script was created, allowing the user to make changes to the configuration in a convenient and safe way while maintaining his own customizations.
mb-reset allows you to compare new files with your current configuration using Meld, and to make (or not) any changes one by one.

mb-reset -c obrcxml

Try it now
After changes logout or run:

openbox --reconfigure

To see all options run: