mb-reset – config restore/update helper script

Mabox provides a simple helper script that can be helpful in some uncomfortable situations.
mb-reset may be useful when:
– you made a fatal mistake editing an important configuration file (rc.xml, autostart) and your system is not working as it should
– you are using the Mabox version installed long ago and you want to get newer versions of configuration files (for menu/panels, Conky, tint2 etc.)

mb-reset is a very simple script and all it does is copy the default files to the right place in your home directory.

Run the script from the user account (not root!). To see all options just type in the terminal:

mb-reset - reset/update user config files to current defaults. It only affects files shipped with Mabox.
           Be aware that you may loose your own customizations (if any).

 Usage: mb-reset option

     obrcxml      - rc.xml default OpenBox configuration file
     obautostart  - default autostart file
     bashrc       - bash config file (~/.bashrc)
     terminator   - terminator config
     conky        - overwrite conky config files in ~/.config/conky/
     tint2        - overwrite tint2 panel config files in ~/.config/tint2/
     jgthemes     - overwrite menu/sidepanels color schemes in ~/.config/mabox/jgobthemes/
     mainmenu     - overwrite main menu files (favorites.csv)
     leftpanel    - left panel custom commands
     rightpanel   - right panel custom commands
     logout       - logout dialog