PyRadio – cli internet radio player

PyRadio is command line internet radio player written in Python.
It uses MPV, Mplayer or VLC to play streams.

Basic controls:

Keys Action
Up/Down/j/k/PgUp/PgDown change station selection
Enter/Right/l play selected station
-/+ or ,/. change volume
v save volume
m mute
r random station
g go to first station
3G go to 3th station
Space/Left/h stop/start playing selected station
Esc/q quit

The latest version of PyRadio amongst many improvements and fixes brings basic mouse support.

The mouse can be used as follows:
Click Change selection
Double click Change station or Start / stop the player
Middle click Toggle player muting (does not work with all terminals)
Wheel Scroll up / down
Shift-Wheel Adjust volume (does not work with all terminals)

To enable mouse support go to Config Window (c), change Enable Mouse Support to True, save settings (s) and restart Pyradio for the change to take effect.

Project website: PyRadio on Github