Configuring the tint2 panel in Mabox

Tint2 is a simple panel/taskbar made for OpenBox and other window managers. Tint2 is lightweight, very configurable and have powerfull GUI configurator – tint2conf. In this article we will look how to configure basic tint2 options in Mabox: position, width, autohide, adding launchers to panel and so on.

Mabox themes

Creating a nice looking desktop in OpenBox WM is not an easy thing. There are a few bricks you need to include to create a nice and good looking desktop. GTK theme, OpenBox window decorations, matching wallpaper are the absolute minimum. It would also be worth adding the matching Conky and panel decor. Mabox provides …

Drop-down or actually show-hide terminal

A drop-down terminal can be very handy sometimes. In Mabox, the default terminal emulator is Terminator, which does not have such functionality. So I added a little wrapper – mabox-terminal – which is binded to the Ctrl-Grave key combination. It’s not actually a drop-down terminal, it’s more of a show-hide.

What’s new in Mabox 20.10 Eithné

New release Mabox Linux 20.10 Eithné is just around the corner:) is ready to download. Download at: SourceForge or here. Here is detailed but probably uncomplete list of changes. Full Spanish translation Mabox is now fully translated to Spanish, thanks to @ben_chile. All Mabox specific tools like Mabox Control Center, Welcome Screen, Conky/Tint2 Manager, Menu/Sidepanels …